Primary Care Membership Plans

Why Bianco Primary Care?

A Better Level of Health Care that’s Affordable

Bianco Primary Care takes a personalized whole-person approach to health. By providing patients with the personal attention they deserve, getting to know them, and taking the time to understand their medical history, we can tailor treatments to the individual’s needs. And at an affordable price.

Beyond personalized primary medical care, nutrition and fitness play an important role in attaining and maintaining health. Proper nutrition and fitness can help you avoid or mitigate the effects diabetes, inflammation, weight gain, high blood pressure and more. Bianco Primary Care offers patients affordable health add-on packages with our certified in-house nutritionist and fitness expert. These add-on packages provide for a health care team to help you maintain optimal health.

In addition, we can help you navigate the health care system beyond primary medical care, including specialists, procedures, and with our partnership with Liberty Direct help you save money and escape the traditional 3rd party insurance business model.

Primary Care Plan Includes

  • Same or next day appointments, when you need them
  • Extended and unhurried visits
  • Annual comprehensive physical exam including comprehensive medical history & physical exam, advanced health maintenance lab work
  • 24/7 access to online medical records including electronic communication with physicians and staff
  • Quick response from physician or support staff by phone or Spruce App
  • Help you navigate a complex healthcare system
  • Support staff assists in scheduling specialist visits and directly communicates with specialists for consults
  • Excellent Internal Medicine services including disease prevention and optimum disease management
  • Cognizant of financial concerns and help you get the most out of your healthcare dollars

Primary Care Payment Plans

Payments can be made monthly or once a year. All payment plans include the services in the Bianco Primary Care | Service Package (Listed above).

Age 14-18
Annual: $360*
Monthly $30*

Age 18-40
Annual: $840
Monthly $70

Age 41-50
Annual: $1080
Monthly $90

Age 51-65
Annual: $1320
Monthly $110

Age 66+
Annual: $1620
Monthly $135

*Dependent children price with parent membership. All monthly plans must be paid by direct debit from a check, credit or debit card.