About Us

Our Story

Bianco Primary Care was founded by husband-and-wife team Drs. Michael and Shelley Bianco. We first opened our doors in 2014, but the idea of our practice was born years prior in the doctors’ medical school days. In those first years of classroom work, Dr. Mike and Dr. Shelley were taught the importance of history taking. In other words, it was stressed that spending time and getting to know patients is the most effective way to treat them in an optimal manner. “Patients know themselves better than you” and “if you just listen to them, they will tell you what’s wrong” were oft repeated phrases by the lecturers. Unfortunately, the following clinical years showed them that this ideal didn’t exist. Most of their preceptors were too pressed for time and overwhelmed with their patient load to stop and spend time with their patients. Dr. Mike and Dr. Shelley did not want to practice medicine that way. They were fortunate enough to spend time with a doctor practicing medicine a little differently, and the idea for a practice of their own in the future was born.

Today Bianco Primary Care delivers high-quality, patient-centered Internal Medicine and Primary Care to patients in Milton, Roswell, Alpharetta, Canton, and Woodstock. Our practice is considered a Direct Primary Care practice because the relationship is a direct one between patient and physician. No third party gets in the middle of decision making or dictates what should be done and when.

As a small volume practice, our healthcare team can spend much more time with each patient on a consistent basis. To put it in perspective, most insurance-based primary care providers care for between 3,000 and 5,000 patients! At Bianco Primary Care, that number is fewer than 700. Our number of patients is fewer because our practice contracts directly with patients through an affordable monthly fee. Patients are considered “members” of the practice. The monthly fee includes the annual exam, other office visits, text messaging, nutrition and fitness support, and much more. Our practice’s focus is on patient experience and customer service through a warm and friendly environment, caring and patient office staff, and unhurried visits with the providers.

What We Do

At Bianco Primary Care, our goal is to provide much more that the “standard of care” often spoken of in medicine. We want our patients to achieve their optimal health as this directly affects quality of life and aging, the two things most people are most concerned with. Bianco Primary Care strives to provide our patients with excellent Internal Medicine and Primary Care services.

Being and staying healthy has a healthy lifestyle at its foundation and includes proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise. If these three pillars of health are in order (not perfect), then people feel better, live longer, take fewer or no medications, and are less depressed or anxious. It takes time to align these three pillars of health. Although there is an abundance of information on the Internet about these topics, none of that information is specific to you. Our team has the time and expertise to discuss health and goals in detail to tailor an individualized and sustainable plan for you to achieve your healthiest self. In fact, part of the annual exam includes using a body composition scan in addition to labs and physical examination, so our team has the data needed to help set goals. You also meet with our Fitness and Nutrition staff to discuss lifestyle as the primary means of achieving goals.

Because our relationship (both personal and financial) is directly with you, you have our full attention. There are no distractions from insurance paperwork, billing, and copays. Our attention to you, your health and needs, and your medical care come first. We are serious about customer service. There is rarely more than one person in our waiting room at a time because your appointment starts on time. You don’t have to worry if we are going to call you back if you call, we do. In fact, we have a specific, secure app for you to text us, send pictures and PDFs, or have video calls.

At Bianco Primary Care, it is our mission and passion to meet you where you are and provide individualized care to get you where you want to be in a friendly environment that includes outstanding customer service. We look forward to serving you and being your partner on the journey to your best health.