Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith is our Office Manager and is the voice you will most likely hear when you call Bianco Primary Care. Eileen has an extensive 25-year career in hotel sales and marketing. She graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelors degree in Hotel & Restaurant Sales & Marketing. She has been a leader and entrepreneur throughout her career. Eileen stepped out of the corporate world for ten years to say home and raise her children but stayed active by running a transportation business from home. Eileen has had no difficulty making the transition to a new industry and absolutely loves getting to know all of our patients. She loves the Direct Primary Care model and has become very knowledgeable in how it works and in explaining and advocating it to others.

She has been a Forsyth County resident since 2005. In her spare time, she is a mom, a pet lover, and an advocate for breast cancer awareness as she is a recent breast cancer survivor herself.