It’s Time To Have a

Personal Relationship

With Your Doctor

Affordable Personalized Healthcare • 24/7 Access To Your Doctor • NO Insurance or Copays Required

Same Or Next Day Appointments

• See your doctor when you need to
• On-time Appointments
• Little or No Waiting

Around the Clock Availability

• Virtual visits available by request
• Contact your doctor 24/7 when needed
• Phone, Text, Email, Teleconference

Unrushed Visits

• Relaxed unrushed office visits
• More time to get to know each other
• More time to discuss your concerns

“A Primary Care Physician provides 90% of all your healthcare needs and is your first point of contact with the healthcare system.  It is important to have a doctor who really knows you and that you can trust and contact when most needed.

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How It Works

We are a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. DPC is a unique approach to healthcare.  We love it, our patients love it and we think you’ll love it too! 

  • Our relationship is directly with you without the restrictions or complexities of health insurance companies. 
  • We do not bill insurance but our affordable flat monthly fee can often save you money on health insurance premiums and can cost less than copays. Plans start for as little as $60 a month! We do recommend having health insurance for major unexpected expenses. 
  • Decisions about your healthcare are made by you and your doctor without Health Insurance approval.
  • Less Insurance paperwork means we can spend more time and provide more attention to you.
  • All basic services, visits and annual labs are included in an affordable flat monthly fee

“Restoring strong patient-doctor relationships is at the heart of Bianco Primary Care.”

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