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By Your Side Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this video, Dr. Mike explains that Bianco Primary Care will remain open with normal business hours.  However, office visits have been changed to phone calls or telemedicine appointments for now. Please call with any questions or concerns. 678-254-2333


The doctors at Bianco Primary Care understand they need to know their patients as individuals to provide optimal care. Our patients know they matter from their very first visit.

It’s time to restore strong patient-doctor relationships and make quality the number one priority.

Welcome to Bianco Primary Care

We are a Direct Primary Care practice model; which simply means that our relationship is directly with you, our patient. We do not bill insurance (although we recommend everyone have coverage of some kind), eliminating significant costs and inefficiencies allowing us to make your Primary Care simple and affordable. Our payment plans are based on your age and can be paid monthly or annually as you choose. Membership in our practice includes office visits, phone calls, video visits, emails, annual laboratory testing and more.

Our practice is a low volume practice so that we have more time to spend with our patients. We see 8-10 patients per day instead of the 20-30 or more that has become commonplace today. Time is the key to developing a relationship that is meaningful and is essential in allowing us to partner together for your health to make and meet your health goals. Our desire is to not just treat you when you are sick but to keep you healthy and out of hospitals and urgent cares, eliminating unnecessary and costly procedures in both time and money.

Practicing medicine in an efficient, affordable and relaxed environment is our passion. We can help you navigate what has become a complex and disjointed healthcare system. We assist in finding medicines and services of the highest quality and at the best prices whether you are paying cash or have traditional insurance (cash is often cheaper even if you have insurance!). If you are disillusioned with traditional insurance we can also help you understand alternatives for you or your business such as the healthcare sharing programs Liberty HealthShare, Christian Healthcare Ministries or Samaritan Ministries.

We ask you to browse our website, watch the video above and come in for a no obligation appointment to interview us and see if we are a good fit for you, your family or your business.

What Does Customized Healthcare Mean?