Spring Into Summer Challenge

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Are you interested in learning more about health and wellness?

Are there specific areas in the wellness spectrum you would like to improve in but don’t know how?

Are you motivated by fitness challenges but tired of results that don’t last? 

If any of those questions apply to you, then the Spring into Summer Wellness Challenge is perfect for you!

This challenge is unlike any other get fit challenge or “6 weeks to results that don’t last.” The common theme in most challenges is that they don’t teach you anything. You leave with results, but soon you hit a speed bump in your schedule and can’t maintain the same fitness routine, or you have less time than you did before. Or maybe your metabolism starts to account for the fewer amount of calories being eaten and you start having unexplained weight gain, despite eating the same amount of food you have been for months now. 

In this Wellness Challenge, not only will you have personalized habit changes tailored to your goals that we set together, but we will also discuss how to adapt these habits as time goes by.

In order to increase your education that you can take away from our challenge, each week we will cover a different aspect of wellness. Ryan Flaherty of Nike says that we are not truly healthy until we have balance in all 5 aspects of wellness: Recovery, Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, and Sleep. To help with our education on this topic, we have weekly webinars via Zoom (that will also be recorded,) scheduled with experts on each topic, ready to give a brief overview on the latest research and complete a brief Q&A to answer your burning questions.

Remember those personalized goals I mentioned before? 

Well, to help you set some personal wellness goals for the next 6 weeks and beyond, you and I will meet virtually to kick off the challenge week one via Zoom or phone call. During the call, we will discuss how you view your wellness status, where you would like to improve most, and what specific habits you would like to begin forming over the next 6 weeks. 

In addition to the personalized goals that we will set and work through during the duration of the challenge, during week 6 we will focus on how to continually improve your aspects of wellness beyond the challenge, especially when your goals change. 

To ensure that your nutritional and recovery gaps are covered during the challenge, all challenge participants will receive 20% off Thorne supplement through the duration of the challenge. 

Speaking of duration, the challenge starts May 9th and ends on June 20th, the official first day of summer. 

I couldn’t be more excited to create your personal wellness plan, and educate you on the best tools to help you reach and maintain your goals. 

Your commitment to the challenge includes the 6 weeks of time invested, as well as the overall cost of $199. To recap, everything included is listed below:

  •  A 30-minute virtual call with me to set up your goals
  • Weekly habit changes based on the 5 aspects of Wellness
  • Individual follow up at the end of the challenge to help you adjust goals as needed moving beyond the challenge
  • Weekly Educational Webinars on the 5 aspects of Wellness
  • 20% discount on Thorne Supplements through the duration of the challenge

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the challenge. Just contact Kathryn through our “Contact Us” Page

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