Quarterly Wellness Program

Bianco Primary Care Quarterly Wellness Program

Bianco Primary Care goes beyond the traditional annual exam and offers a quarterly wellness program with the latest technology to stay on top of your health. In addition to the annual visit with Dr. Mike and Kathryn, this program includes 3 more 30-minute sessions throughout the year with Kathryn to use the SECA body analysis machine and to set and adjust goals based on results.  

SECA -Body Composition Analysis

We include the use of the SECA Body Analysis with our annual exams as well as DURING the 3 additional quarterly appointments.

SECA uses ultrasound and the latest technology to measure your body composition enabling you and your Bianco care team to make recommendations to improve your health.

SECA Accurately Measures

Segmental Muscle Mass

Fat Percentage for Disease Risk

Hydration Levels

& More!

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