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Bianco Primary Care Nutrition Programs

Bianco Primary Care takes a personalized whole-person approach to health. We take the time to get to know you beyond your medical file, including your lifestyle, diet and physical activity.  Our personalized Nutrition and Fitness programs are key components to helping you get healthy and maintain optimal health.

Everyone is unique and our Nutrition plans are individually customized by Kathryn Terry, MS, CPT, PN 1. to meet your needs and goals.  After an initial consultation and your personalized plan is designed,  she will work with you one on one through regular meetings, help you stay on track, and assess your progress.

All plans are available to non-members and members of Bianco Primary Care.

Members have the unique advantage of having their doctor work hand in hand with our nutrition and fitness specialist on a continual basis. It provides a complete team of health experts working together and dedicated to helping you stay fit, happy, and healthy.

If you are interested in having an affordable primary care doctor who takes the time to get to know you and is accessible when you need them via phone, text, video conference, or with same-day / next-day in-office appointments, please see our membership plans.  There is only one monthly fee, no visit charges or deductibles.

Nutrition Plans

Initial Consultation

All plans start with an initial consultation to meet and learn about you,  your health and fitness goals, and discuss a personalized path to helping you achieve those goals. No two nutrition or fitness paths are exactly alike, which is why we design a plan together that will work best for you.

One time charge $129

*With the investment in a 3 or 6-month nutrition plan following the consultation, the $129 is waived.

LifeStyle Change

3 or 6 month commitment

Includes: personalized nutrition plan involving meal plan framework, 1:1, 30 minute nutrition sessions, behavior change modification, and education with the goal of behavior transformation for a lifetime. After the initial term, there is the option to renew with a new plan, or session type converts to 1x monthly maintenance session.

Bianco Primary Care Member Fee 

3 months @ 2 sessions/month – $150 /mo

Non-Member Fee 

3 months @ 2 sessions/month – $180/mo

Become a Member

Monthly Lifestyle Change Maintenance Session

Monthly maintenance sessions are available for those who completed the Lifestyle Change Plan and have mastered the nutrition and fitness habits developed. These sessions are used to continue to set micro-goals and adjust patient nutritional level, depending on personal goals.

Bianco Primary Care Member Fee 

Per Session Cost – $50 per session

Non-Member Fee

Per Session Cost – $60 per session

Monthly Meal Planning

This meal plan is completely personalized to the likes/dislikes, allergies, time constraints, on-the-go needs, etc. to the client. The plan comes fully detailed down to what foods to eat at each meal, each week of the month, and gives guidelines for appropriate portion sizing based on the individual.

There is a 30-minute session to review the plan in-depth, and go over any questions/ make tweaks in the session as needed. After the session, the client is on their own in following the meal plan, unless purchased with a lifestyle change.

1 Month – $300
3 Months –  $199 per month

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