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Bianco Primary Care Fitness Programs

Bianco Primary Care takes a personalized whole-person approach to health. We take the time to get to know you beyond your medical file, including your lifestyle, diet and physical activity.  Our personalized Nutrition and Fitness programs are key components to helping you get healthy and maintain optimal health.

Everyone is unique. That is why Bianco Primary Care fitness plans are individually customized for you by Kathryn Terry, MS, CPT, PN 1. and designed to meet your needs and goals.  After an initial consultation and your personalized plan is designed,  she will work with you one on one through regular meetings, help you stay on track, and assess your progress.

All plans are available to non-members and members of Bianco Primary Care.

Members have the unique advantage of having their doctor work hand in hand with our nutrition and fitness specialist on a continual basis. It provides a complete team of health experts working together and dedicated to helping you stay fit, happy, and healthy.

If you are interested in having an affordable primary care doctor who takes the time to get to know you and is accessible when you need them via phone, text, video conference, or with same-day / next-day in-office appointments, please see our membership plans.  There is only one monthly fee, no visit charges or deductibles.

Fitness Plans

Initial Consultation

All plans start with a 55-minute in-person or virtual initial consultation to meet and learn about you,  your health and fitness goals and discuss a personalized path to helping you achieve those goals. No two fitness plans are alike, which is why we design a plan together that will work best for you.  You will leave this session with an efficient “game plan” for moving forward with your goals. 

One time charge $129

*With an investment in a fitness plan following the consultation, the $129 is waived.

Monthly Fitness Program Guide 

3-month initial commitment

With all the information gathered in the initial consultation and based on your goals and your available equipment,  a custom fitness plan will be designed for you to follow on your own for the month. Your fitness plan will be provided in a pdf format. 

Every month, we will meet in-person or virtually for 30 minutes to review the plan, your progress, make any adjustments needed to reach your goals.  You will also have the ability to ask coaching questions at any time through our convenient private & secure app. 

Program Fee –  $175/mo

Virtual Personal Training Program

3-month initial commitment

Bianco Primary Care Virtual Fitness ProgramThe virtual training is designed for those who want more personalized training guidance during their workout and with the convenience of doing their workout from home, the office, or during travel.  

This program includes the monthly personalized workout program and 30-minute review meeting as in the Monthly Fitness Program, plus a 30-minute virtual workout with our trainer as many times per month as you want. You will also have the ability to ask coaching questions at any time through our convenient private & secure app. Perfect for the busy person on the go. 

An internet connection and a device with video and audio capabilities are required. 

1 Virtual Training Session –  $200/mo
2 Virtual Training Sessions –  $250/mo
4 Virtual Training Sessions –  $350/mo
8 Virtual Training Sessions –  $550/mo

In-Person Training Program

3-month initial commitment

Bianco Primary Care In-Person Fitness TraininggThe in-person one-on-one training program is designed to get the most out of your customized fitness plan and workouts. Ideal for developing athletes, post-physical therapy recovery, or those looking to take their physical fitness to the next level.  

This program includes a personalized workout program and a minimum of 2  55-minute in-person training sessions every other week at an agreed-upon time and location of your choice. ** Please note some commercial gyms may charge you extra for your personal trainer. 

You will also have the ability to ask coaching questions at any time through our convenient private & secure app.

2 Monthly Training Session –  $350/mo
4 Monthly Training Sessions –  $600/mo
8 Monthly Training Sessions –  $1200/mo

*Special partner or group pricing available upon request – If your chosen workout location is further than 25 miles from the Bianco Primary Care office, please contact us.

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