End Of Summer Wellness Bingo

Bianco Primary Care has created a simple and fun way to stay healthy with this End Of Summer Wellness Bingo Challenge. And You Can Win Prizes!  Formulated by nutritionist  Kathryn Terry, MS, CPT, PN1, the wellness bingo starts on August 1st and lasts Through August 24th.

How To Play: 

1. Use the form to enter and participate.

2. Download The card below. Complete any 5 activities horizontally, vertically or diagonally to achieve a BINGO. For each Bingo you get, you will be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize. If you blackout or complete the entire card you automatically receive an additional prize.

2. To complete each activity on the specified day to mark off that space, send a photo of you completing the activity via the Healthie app chatbox.  Upon Entry, Kathryn will send you an invite to the app.

3. After August 24th, send the tally of your total Bingos for entries in the drawing for the grand prize; blackouts automatically receive a prize for completion!

Sign Up For The Wellness Bingo!

End Of Summer Wellness BINGO Card

Please Note: The card below is 5 columns by 5 rows like a typical bingo card and will only show correctly on a desktop computer view.  For easier participation, please download and print this card.

August 1

Turn off all technology 30 minutes prior to bedtime (lights out.)

August 2

Stretch for 10+ minutes  

August 3

Create a list of short term goals

August 4

Declutter your desk or workspace

August 5

Call or message someone just because

August 6

Journal 5 things you are grateful for

August 7

Water intake= ½ your body weight in oz

August 8

Plan your dinners for the week ahead

August 9

Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails 

August 10

Intentional movement of 10 minutes at a time or greater

August 11

Make the most epic and creative salad you can think of. 

August 12

Try a deep breathing exercise



August 13

Eat a vegetable at every meal (Google for breakfast ideas!) 

August 14

Turn off technology 30 minutes before bedtime (This includes TV in the bedroom!)

August 15

10,000 steps today

August 16

Pack/ Prepare your lunch in advance 

August 17

8 hours of sleep

August 18

Identify long term and short term stressors, complete a 5-10 minute stress relieving activity

August 19

Try a new recipe or share a healthy recipe with a friend. 

August 20

No sweets/treats today. Use that willpower- you can do it for just one day, can’t you? 

August 21

Eat with no distractions (i.e., tv, cell phone, laptop) 

August 22

Try a new fruit or vegetable 

August 23

Don’t hit the snooze button, maybe wake up 10 minutes early to do something for yourself? 

August 24

Treat yourself to something you have been wanting