Spring 5k Training Program

When was the last time you felt motivated? 

When was the last time you set a goal? 

When was the last time you trained for something? 

While the answers to these questions may be different for everyone, I did notice several people who pre-quarantine were trudging through life, often forgetting to even think of self-care. For others, the last time we truly trained for something was probably pre-quarantine.   

Everyday routines that changed as we knew them to be, woke us up. However, instead of being energized by the newness and adapting to the changing world around us, we found it easier some days to stay inside and honestly not do much. 

I know personally with gyms being closed and without races to compete in I was feeling less motivated and didn’t know what types of health and fitness goals to set for myself. I had different battles to fight in my brain in addition to the typical “talk myself out of exercising today” mindset. 

Was I always successful at achieving my goals? No. Did I keep trying? Yes. 

This April I want to channel this opportunity of a more awake world!

I want to help you increase your motivation, set a goal, and give you something to train for. I’ve turned what I struggled with in the past year and built it in with your “classic” 5k training program. 

Bianco Primary Care 5k Training

This 30 day 5k Training Program begins on April 1st and ends with an in-person charity 5k in Roswell on May 1st. Should you choose to compete, your race registration is included. 

I plan to provide each participant with an individualized experience throughout the 30 days, meeting you where you are currently, and tailoring your program to where you want to be at the end of the 30-day program. 

What comes included in the program? 

The 5k Training Program includes a 30 day, personalized plan that prepares participants to meet their current 5k goals. 

I have plans for the walker, the “couch to 5k-er”, the on and off runner, and for those familiar with the 5k looking to improve their time. 

Now before you hit the new tab button and go to google for the typical 5k training program (which there are many, many, to choose from,) I want to tell you how this plan will be personalized. When you purchase your program, you and I will schedule our initial video consultation. I want to virtually meet with you to discuss your current fitness level, goals, health habits, and your “why”. Maybe these are questions I could gather from a form. But truly personalizing a plan, in my opinion, requires a conversation that flows and is guided based on how you respond to the questions I ask. 

After the video call, you will receive within 48 hours the personalized plan that will cover working up to your 5k goal and race day taper. Week to week I will be following up with you via a Fitness and Nutrition tracking app for accountability and necessary program edits. 

This to me is crucial to your success in the program. It is also a big differentiator in this program and a template you could find online. When you have tough days and can’t finish a run, I want you to note that and I will offer my feedback. Do we need to redo the run? Was the cause nutrition-based? Can we do anything better so this doesn’t occur again? 

Having access to me as your ongoing coach throughout the program has the opportunity to make a large impact on your success with your goals. 

Ready to invest?

So if you’ve decided that I’ve motivated you to set a new goal This 5k program just might be it. How much are you investing? 

Well first off, I talk about your investment of time. I’m asking for JUST 30 days. Start to finish. You set a new goal. You invest a short amount of time to achieve said goal, and you prove to yourself what you are capable of. Fair warning you may like the feeling and want to do it again. (This happened to me!) 

The total monetary investment for the program is $179, including all of the details I covered above. I plan to keep you accountable throughout the 30-day journey, and help you over the speed bumps that come up along the way because, hey, that’s life! But instead of losing sight of the goal, I will be beside you to help you adapt and overcome each step of the way. 

Fill out the form to get started!  Once submitted,  I will contact you about officially registering and scheduling your initial video consultation.

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